Clone Wars Midnight Madness 07/26/2008

Who could have guessed that Star Wars collectors would get another chance again to go to a Midnight Madness event for Star Wars toys? Thanks to George Lucas and his decision to bring out The Clone Wars Animated show in the movie theaters, Hasbro decided to support and cash in on this by releasing all related toys on one evening.

Clone Wars Midnight Madness at Toys'R'Us

At about 10:30pm, the Lynnwood, WA Toys'r'us had a few people in line already, including some fans dressed up as Royal Guards, and one guy had his face painted like Darth Maul. More and more people showed up and in the end there were probably about 100 people in line.

As expected, people rushed in and grabbed the stuff they wanted, and within a few minutes the shelves were empty. Unfortunately Toys'r'us did not have enough figures stocked to satisfy everybodys needs and many collectors and children had to leave without the toys they wanted.

The big Clone Wars display in the store looked great and seeing so many Star Wars toys in one spot brought memories back from the very first Phantom Menace midnight madness back in 1999.

One of the Toys'r'us exclusives this time was the holographic General Grievous action figure from The Clone Wars animated line. With a purchase of $30 or more you were qualified for one free figure.

Overall it was a nice event and who knows, maybe we'll have another one when the live action TV show starts.


At about 1:30 a.m., The Everett, WA Walmart was a lot less crowded compared to Toys'r'us, and they had plenty of figures to go around. And, best of all, figures were $1 cheaper than at Toys'r'us. They didn't have as nice of a set up for the figures, but at least collectors were able to get some figures which they missed out on at Toys'r'us.

After checking everything out at Walmart it was time to head home and unpacked some of the new figures.

The next morning, the Northgate Target was selling their exclusive TCW Commander Fox figure. At about 10 minutes before the doors opened, there were only 4 other collectors in line. The exclusive figure was not a problem to score at all, they were selling it like a regular figure and you could buy as many as you wanted. The price was $12.99, so much more than for any other regular figure. At least it came in a plastic protective case, which basically meant that you could get the figure in prestine condition.

Overall The Clone Wars Midnight Madness was fun, but it was by far not as exciting as previous Midnight Madness events. And even though Hasbro released a lot of toys that night, it was not nearly as much as for other midnight madness events, especially compared to the Revenge Of The Sith release.

Some Midnight Madness Videos

Clone Wars Midnight Madness Pictures

The Lynnwood Toys'r'us before opening People rushing in Criz Bee's shopping cart Clone Trooper Helmets Empty Shelves Everett Walmart on July 26th

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