Cleaning Star Wars Toys

by Jason Luttrull

Ueber-Star Wars Collector, and host of the "Galaxy Of Toys" Star Wars Collecting podcast, Jason Luttrull has taken his time to restore his vintage Slave I vehicle from 1980. In this photo series and step-by-step instructions, he shares his progress and results with us.

All the supplies Jason used can easily be obtained, and most of them you very likely have at home already. The list of supplies is below.

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Supplies Used

Let's Get Started!

Here's what I'm starting with. A heavily used and worn vintage Kenner Slave 1 given to me by a friend.

Vintage Star Wars Slave I Restoration Vintage Star Wars Slave I vehicle Vintage Star Wars Slave I

Take it apart. This will make cleaning it much easier, because you can focus on individual pieces.

Star Wars Slave I Slave I

Remove the labels.

Cleaning Star Wars Toys Cleaning Vintage Star Wars Toys Restoring Star Wars Toys Vintage Star Wars Slave I Cleaning your vintage Slave I

After hand-washing the Slave I there is still a LOT of yellowing on the vehicle. This is what it looked like:

Boba Fett Star Wars Slave I Restore Boba Fett's ship

30 volume clear developer/peroxide formula purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply Store.

Vintage Star Wars Slave I

Pour solution into glass casserole dish. Place yellowed part inside.

Star Wars Vehicle Cleaning

Cover with plastic wrap.

Vintage Star Wars Slave I

Let sit outside in the sun for 24 hours. Move parts around every 5-10 hours to make sure all parts get equal amount of time in the solution.

Vintage Star Wars Slave I

After taking it out and drying it, it was completely de-yellowed!

Star Wars Slave I Vintage Star Wars Slave I Vintage Star Wars Slave I

Here's the cockpit canopy. Scuffed, scratched and cloudy.

Vintage Star Wars Slave I

Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer purchased at K-Mart for under $9.00.

Boba Fett's Slave I

Apply the clarifying compound as directed.

Star Wars Slave I

Use the pads as directed on the packaging. The Turtle Wax brand came with 4 different pads to use in succession.

Vintage Star Wars Slave I

After buffering up I used the lens sealing wipe included with the Turtle Wax set.

Vintage Star Wars Slave I

This thing is starting to look good!

Vintage Star Wars Slave I

Purchased replacement stickers off ebay.

Clean The Slave 1

Applied labels.

Vintage Star Wars Slave I

Bought a replacement Han in carbonite off ebay.

Vintage Star Wars Slave I

A restored classic fit for the best bounty hunter in the Galaxy.

All finished and Restored Slave 1

DISCLAIMER: If you try this at home, we don't take any responsibility for your item.

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