An Interview With Brian Adams

published on January 24, 2014 by Chris "Criz Bee" Bortz

A few months back, I was delighted to be asked to contribute photos of Boba Fett action figures for an article in the premier issue of Cool&Collected, the magazine for pop culture collectors.

I received an early copy of Cool&Collected not long afterwards. When I held the finished product in my hands, I was impressed: the glossy pages and weight of the magazine already alluded to quality, and as I read through the content, I found myself captivated by the well-written articles.

Brian Adams, the creator of Cool&Collected, has graciously agreed to answer a few questions about the magazine for our readers.


The Magazine For Pop Culture Collectors

Q: Brian, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Q: How did you come up with the idea for the magazine?

A: I’ve been a print designer for my entire work career, so a magazine was a natural progression for the site to take. Collectors like stuff (it’s true!), and there is a void on store shelves for a publication like this. Printed magazines may be a dying breed for many subject areas, but the market is strong for the hobby and collector genre.

Q: You've just released the first issue of Cool&Collected, what can you tell us about it?

A: Rather than making a blind financial leap of faith, I decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of the first issue. The campaign exceeded its goal, further solidifying my belief that the collecting community wanted a magazine like this on their shelves. The magazine articles are all written by and for pop culture collectors. The topics in the first issue range from vintage and modern toys, movie props, comic books, collector tips and advice, video games, and collector auctions and events. People who purchase the magazine, will even have their copy delivered “bagged and boarded” — just like any premiere issue should be stored!

Boba Fett Article in Cool&Collected

The Boba Fett article by Jason Clarke

Q: And people can find a "golden ticket" in it?

Q: What topics or time frames are covered?

A: The magazine covers anything that people collect that is related to pop culture, whether its toys, TV and movie memorabilia, comics and ephemera, video games — you get the idea. The majority of the articles are about items produced within the last 50 years, but we may go further back in time on occasion, and we also predict the future and talk about items we think might be collectible in the coming decades.

Q: How many issues are planned per year?

A: Right now, we’re shooting for the magazine to be released quarterly, but if things were to take off, I’d certainly be up for doing even more issues a year.


The Super Powers Collection feature

Q: Can you give anything away about the next issue and its release date?

A: If all goes as planned, the second issue will be released this Spring. We already have had some great articles submitted, including one about collecting Star Trek trading cards. I just finished reviewing a great article about action figure photography, which is one of my not-so-secret obsessions, and I’m also hoping to include an article about collecting foreign variants of comic books.

Q: Will there be any Star Wars memorabilia related articles in it?

A: Of course! It wouldn’t be a very respectable pop culture magazine if it didn’t showcase Star Wars on a regular basis. The first issue has an article by Jason (Poe Ghostal) Clarke which details the history of the 3.75” Boba Fett action figures (with photos by a great website, cough), and the second issue will continue with a look at other appearances of Boba Fett in the world of toys. We also have an article planned that covers the Star Wars Black line of 6” figures, so there is plenty of Star Wars love to go around!

Q: Where can people get it?

Thank you Brian for taking your time to answer some questions, and congratulations for pulling off such a fantastic project!

For more information about the magazine, or to get in touch with Brian Adams, please visit the official Cool&Collected website:

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