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TOY RUN - The Super Articulation of Dan Curto Part I

Toy Run The Star Wars Action Figure Cast

Air Date: 3/25/2016

In this week’s episode of TOY RUN - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast - Jake and Criz Bee tap into the vast knowledge of Dan Curto. From the beginning days of Star Wars collecting websites to thoughts on what Hasbro has in store for Rogue One - Dan brings great perspective. Also in this week’s show - Jake turns blue over Snaggletooth - Criz Bee reviews the 3 ¾” Amazon exclusive First Order Legion multi-pack and more! Make sure you give it a listen and leave your thoughts about it in the comments section please!

Kenner’s pitch to Lucasfilm - for a follow-up to their 1985 The Power of the Force line - was called The Epic Continues and featured a prototype AT-AT (renamed as an AT-IC) with a Death Star turret attached to its back. Could this be the up-coming $300 3 3/4 inch vehicle which is rumored for Fall 2016?

Protoype Kenner ATAT

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