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Galaxy Of Toys Broadcasting Network is the home of several different podcasts about Star Wars collecting. The network was created by Jason Luttrull in January 2012 and features co-hosts Ryan Beise, Tom Berges (from, Chris Bortz (from and Jake (from

All episodes are available for free on iTunes: A Galaxy Of Toys Podcast

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Here is a closer look at each show:

Galaxy Of Toys Podcast

Galaxy Of Toys is the main show, which features a wide range of discussions about any kind of Star Wars toy and collectible, from vintage days to modern Star Wars toys. The show hosts are Jason, Tom, Chris, Ryan and Jake. The show usually has a special guest, which in the past included fellow collectors and authorities in the hobby Mark Bellomo, Gus Lopez, Steve Glosson, Matt Fox, Steve Sansweet, Jerry Stephens, Jimmy Mac, FlyGuy and many more!

FREE downloads on iTunes: Galaxy Of Toys Podcast Podcast Podcast is hosted by Tom Berges. The show features various guests and focuses on childhood memories about Star Wars from the late 70's and 80's.

FREE downloads on iTunes: Galaxy Of Toys Podcast

Spinner Rack Podcast

The Star Wars Spinner Rack is hosted by Jake Stevens and features co-hosts Jason Luttrull and Ryan Beise. The show is a discussion about Star Wars comic books from the early days all the way to modern releases.

FREE downloads on iTunes: Galaxy Of Toys Podcast

Star Wars Collectible Cosmos

Star Wars Collecting Cosmos is hosted by Ryan Beise and features co-hosts Amy Sjoberg from Nerdventions and Marjorie Carvalho from Star Wars Action News. The show's focus is on obscure Star Wars Collectibles.

FREE downloads on iTunes: Galaxy Of Toys Podcast

Here are some of your hosts, from left to right: Gus Lopez (, Amy Sjoberg (sitting, Nerdventions), Chris, Tom Berges (co-host,, Tom (sitting), Chris Bortz (in the back, co-host,, Jason (in the front, main host). Galaxy Of Toys

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