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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a collection of recurring questions Jedi Business has received over the years. If you are looking for clarification about some of the terminology used on the website, please have a look at the Glossary.

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Q: Are all Star Wars action figures ever produced listed on this website?

A: We are constantly working on getting newer and older figures added, but the list is not complete yet.

Q: Can I use your pictures on my website or maybe for Ebay?

A: Yes, but we require you to list Jedi Business as the source and a link back to the original article or figure entry on this website. If you have any questions about how to do this, please contact us by sending an email to info@jedibusiness.com.

Q: We would like to use some of your pictures for our publication, can we request pictures without the watermark?

A: Yes, please let us know what it is that you need. We've provided images in the past for books and magazines.

Q: I think you might have the wrong information listed for a figure, what now?

Q: I don't see any carded action figure pictures, how come?

A: We are focusing on the actual figures themselves with a focus on the character, not the packaging or any kind of packaging variations.

Q: When is a variation a variation?

A: We only list variations if the changes made to the figures are recognizable. In other words, if you don't have to look for a different paint deco, additional accents or any other recognizable changes with a microscope, and the variants have been found by more than two people in different regions, we'll list it as a variation.

Q: When do you count a figure as unique?

A: We count them as unique if there is a significant change made to the figure. For example, let's say a stormtrooper action figure is released for the first time, and one year later the exact same figure is repacked and released again. The first time around, it's a unique release, the second time around it's not. However, if the second time around the same figure is released with a different paint application, we will count it as a unique figure, because it'll look different compared to the first release.

Q: Is JediBusiness.com an official Hasbro or Lucasfilm website?

A: No. This website is intended for informational purposes only, and is not in any way associated with Lucasfilm or Hasbro. Please take a look at the disclaimer.

Q: Since when does JediBusiness.com exist?

A: JediBusiness went live in March of 2004 and has been growing gradually since.

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